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To orient you - Cevennes National Park France
Gorges du Tarn
Mont Lozère
Gorges de la Jonte
Mont Aigoual
Central Massif 
Occitanie , Pyrenees Mediterranee

S France
traditional rural architecture

causses & cevennes
beautiful, wild nature
in harmony with fashioned landscapes
unesco heritage
Mediterranean cultural agro-pastoralism

The Cevennes National Park proposes a Nature Festival : guided walks with different themes, mainly in summer, but also in autumn and spring you might enjoy flora, deers, mushrooms etc.
for free.

chestnut history...

Traditional architecture

Causses & Cevennes France, candidature UNESCO 
World Heritage :

28 juin 2011, the world heritage Comity, reunited in Paris subscribed the Causses and Cevennes, a Mediterranean agro-
pastoral Landscape on it's list. article

Hiking Holiday in the Cevennes National Park region
 S. Central  Masif, N.Languedoc Roussillon, South France
View at the Cevennes valleys, photo Agnes Dubois
Cevennes - Gorges du Tarn - Causses - Gorges de la Jonte 
Mont Lozère - Mont Aigoual, 
 Southern Central Massif - France


Holiday in the Cevennes National Park ; a natural, calm and green region with splendid nature, luxurious protected Flora & Fauna, very variated landscapes, amazing silence, a hearty reception and true starry nights...

Have a nice walk to know the truth of the beauty of the Cevennes, rocky valleys with chestnuts orchards and a landscape shaped in terraces by men, with meditterranean climate. 

Exceptional landscapes, interesting architecture 
of the impressionating granitic mountains Mont Aigoual and Mont Lozere.
Crossing the highlands Causse Méjean, Causse de Sauveterre and Causse noire, beautiful limestone highlands cutted out by the renown depths of the Gorges du tarn and the Gorges de la Jonte, where you can canoe, fish, hike, bike, dine properly or simply love unspoilt nature...

Numerous very cute villages, sports in nature and a variated offer to stay, to offer yourself a gastronomical trips and feel calm... 

                     Parc National Cévennes France

Discovery of the PNC
 The Cevennes National Park created ecomuseums, differing from classical museums like in Le Pont de Montvert (the Mont Lozère)  to spread them out in the landscape like on the highlands and in the Cevennes valleys to valorize interesting heritage elements at the spot, there were they are created and did functionate - in their historical surrounding.
So there are several interesting hiking tracks in the "Vallée Française" and surroundings to discover the Cevennes heritage.
Well indicated and explicated short walks with a brochure at the starting point to explain the Cevennes culture. 
Amazing flora, fauna, history, landscapes, architecture etc.

Discovery-paths of the ECO-museum of the schist Cevennes : 

Landscape-path of Barre des Cévennes 3 km: discovery of the village (history, evolution, architecture, geology, religion) and the surrounding landscapes

Under the shelter of the "Castelas" - a so-called rockformation, Barre des Cévennes with it's  lined up facades in an old urban model makes remind its rich and very animated history.
The map realised  after the land registry of 1826 will historically mark your visit in these cute narrow streets.
The path will lead you from the fountains to the kitchen-gardens, from the temple to the church, by the former famous  market- and fairs- squares to surprise you at the end with beatiful points of  views to the Can noire and the Malzac-valley.

Footpath la Roquette ( 2,5 km) at Molezon to discover a quarter of the high-Cevennes : architecture, organisation of a hamlet,  the terraces-system, the sweet chestnut orchard, the apiaries and the history of Protestantism.
From the D 983, Sainte Croix Vallée Française to Barre des Cévennes take the little road at your right at the exit of Pont-Ravagers. Go on about  5 km to park your car at the right side. Departure close to the mill in between Ste Croix Vallée Française and Trabassac, take a guiding-brochure which is available at the start.

Footpath of the Canourgue tower: Vestige of a XIIth century defence system, which  fonctionated till the XVth century.
It was a signal-tower network connecting Anduze to Florac. The traject of  3 km (to and fro, 1 hour) passing by a abandoned hamlet approaching differents themes. You can park your car on the departemental road from Ste Croix Vallée Française to Barre des Cévennes, close to "château du Mazel". The guiding-brochure is available at the parking.
Then you'll climb up the terraces and the little footpath arrives in between two walls under oaktrees. Finally you'll arrive at the slatestone buildings with behind the modest cimetary with sepulchres only marked by two stones and a cipres symbolising the flame of eternity. 

Terroirs & nature du Sud Massif Central


Cevennes unspoilt nature
Canoeing in the 
Gorges du Tarn  :


The Cevennes offers besides nature and culture also everything of what a gourmand is dreaming of : pelardon (goatcheese), chestnuts, confitures, and very good pork-butchers with fresh trouts...

For those who prefer to leave the cuisine to someone else there are very varied and renown restaurants and guesttables (table d'hôte). 

Ones tired of all this hiking, biking and admiring you can choose out of a very divers offer off charming accomodations for dinner, supper or stay overnight, according 
to your taste..
in a calm, natural, beautiful and quiet scenery...

Is it NATURE where you looking for ? 

The Cevennes
National Park - France

PNC,  BP 15,  website
48400 Florac, France
tél 00 33 4 66 49 53 00

 > maps of communes region Cevennes National park  

The Trabassac-brook valley, to discover the different aspects of this "mas cévenol" (farm consisting out of a real hamlet) and its environment, you have to walk around to feel the atmosphere.
The path gows up in between rocks and chestnut-trees and then crosses the brook. Like in the most cevenols hamlet you can admire the old apiary with beehives out of a hollow chestnut-trunk with a big slatestone and the bread-oven
Old bee-hives

Also at Molezon  in the Vallée Française: la Magnanerie de la Roque:" le fil de la mémoire" (the memory-thread) building constructed for silkworm (magnans) breeding.(Cevennes "golden age").


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